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Just a list to let me know who knows and how. Strikes indicate a dropped character but if someone should happen to app them later the past CR can still apply if the other player wishes!
If your character needs to be added here please let me know!

1.) Marceline- He told her and since she's also a vampire it's pretty much a given that she would know.

2.) Maxim Jaeger- Maxim has werewolves and vampires in his family. He could literally smell that Marshall was a vampire.

3.) Dolores Maryam- Another vampire who is also a nurse at Hogwarts. Sweetest. lady. ever.

4.) Arthur Kirkland- After a conversation with Marceline he figured it out but he's cool with it so therefore Marshall's also cool with it.

5.) Roderich Edelstein- Roderich was able to see and overhear Marshall's shadow during the shadow event.

Also, it goes without saying that all of the teachers and staff are aware of Marshall's vampirism as well! Students however do NOT know so please don't assume your character can/will figure him out without contacting me about it first.

If you have a particularly keen character or one that has previously interacted with vampires and therefore knows how to recognize them I have no problems created a scenario for them to play out discovering Marshall is a vampire.
marshall_lee: (mysterious)'s a list of things Marshall will tell people to try and keep them from finding out he's a vampire.

1.) He's anemic. It's why his body temperature runs so low. He takes a potion to help remedy/regulate it.
If appearance is brought up: Anemia also causes fatigue and can give skin an ashy look. (true facts: )

2.) He's lived everywhere and moved around a lot and had private tutors instead of attending regular school.

3.) His mother passed away this past year. She was a Muggle and in her will she allowed him to become an emancipated minor. (meaning he can live on his own and support himself even if he's technically "underage")

-More will probably be added later as the game progresses and I flesh out more of his background.-
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.Contact Information.

[E-Mail] kali_daaeAThotmail
[Instant Messengers] AIM: BlackBloodChrona
[Plurk] elphaba_thropp
[Preferred] I'd prefer PM's here on Dreamwidth or email but if you catch me on AIM or Plurk that's fine too. I tend to not check AIM or Plurk as often as I do my email though.


[Backtagging] Backtag as far as you want! I'm a bit slow to respond sometimes.
[Threadhopping] Unless I've specified otherwise go for it!
[Plotting] I'm always up for plotting. Just message me somehow and we'll work it out!
[Offensive subjects] I'm not easily offended but I'd rather not play out full on sex stuff.


[What's okay to mention around him/her] Anything is fine. Marshall doesn't get offended that easily but he might get snippy if people talk smack about vampires. (feel free to do it though..making him annoyed can be fun)

[Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, special abilities, etc] He's a vampire but unless he's flat out told don't know. If your character is especially observent they can figure it out but talk to me about it and see if it's okay if they do first.

[Can I hack that strike or otherwise find out information they'd prefer to keep hidden?] I'll make a note if a strike is hackable or not.

[Can I troll/mindscrew/mess with in general?] You can try. He's a pretty big troll who likes to mess with people himself.

[Can I spit at/jinx/step on/etc? (i.e. fighting)] Fighting is fine. Just talk to me about it ahead of time. Being a vampire he's abnormally strong and heals fast and that might be a problem if someone notices.

[Can I flirt with/hug/kiss/use other means of non-violent physical contact with this character?] Yep! He loves to flirt and will happily flirt make out with anyone with a pulse.

[Anything else?] He's very musically inclined and if your character is interested he's always happy to introduce people to new music or even attempt to give guitar lessons.


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